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The Law Office of Frank M. Williams

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Representative: Frank Williams

We are a small law firm based in Northern New Jersey that primarily provides legal assistanc relating to estate planning, estate and trust administration, guardianships/conservatorships, Medicaid, real estate transactions or other legal assistance. Please see our SERVICES page for additional information relating to these practice areas.  If your legal need is a service that we do not provide, we certainly can also assist in helping you find appropriate counsel as to your specific situation.



If any of the following questions are important to you, we encourage you to contact our office to set-up an appointment:

  • If I don't have a Will, is the government going to take everything?

  • I am concerned about losing my assets to the high costs of long-term care for myself, my spouse or another loved one.  Will we lose everything to pay for care, or are there options?

  • How can I set things up so my children/grandchildren inheritances are protected?

  • My parents are aging.  What should I know to help them remain independent and protect their assets?

  • How can I minimize or eliminate paying taxes upon my death?

  • Do I have to be wealthy to benefit from a trust?  What are its benefits and detriments?

  • If I can not make legal and financial decisions for myself, how can I be sure my wishes will be carried out?

  • How can I be sure my money and property end up in the right hands when I'm gone?

  • My parent or other loved one just passed away.  What do I do now?

Should you have any questions such as these above, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us to discuss any of these areas further.